Computer users of the modern times are privileged to enjoy and can benefit from several free software programs. These super efficient software programs do not cost a great fortune to the users, because of several open sources, shareware materials, and advertisement supported projects. With these facilities, a computer user can install a set of high-quality software programs which are completely free for the users. For the sake of the readers, this short write up is written to educate the new PC users about these free Windows software programs which can be used at homes or in workplaces.

Free software downloads can be divided into two main groups such as trialware and freeware. The thing about these twin downloads is that both of them are free. There are few rules attached to them such as for trialware, the period for which the customer can use the software free is 30 days. While in freeware, there is no such limit and the consumer can use it for as long they wish to use. There are many reasons why that these software is developed. One of the reasons is that the software developer is not seeking any financial gains out of the software.

BitDefender Antivirus: This is a free edition which is considered to be user-friendly, and according to many review websites, it has been rated high for its excellent detection mechanisms used in the program. This free antivirus software has the capability to protect the ransomware besides preventing other viruses and other malware. One can use this program without any fuss.

WPS Office: This program is a free suit from Microsoft Office which contains many powerful tools for the work processing activities including presentations as well as the spreadsheets. This program is well designed to work easily with the MS Office file formats and comes with attractive template packages. In fact, the whole program just works as if it is the latest edition of all MS Office programs. Hence, it is attracted by innumerable users around the world.

Google Chrome: Being rated as one of the best web browsers, Google Chrome is well known for its speed as well as its flexibility. It has an unmatched stability and is well integrated with the Google account. Its USP lies in its performance, especially making things easy to carry the favorites and bookmarks among various devices. This also supports a huge number of extensions.

In addition to the above state free software programs, there is an innumerable number of software downloads available on the Internet. However, it is the responsibility of the users to decide as which one to go for. Though there are few antivirus software programs available in the web world, there are only a few which offers perfect protection. The reputed free software programs may protect the PC from malware, spyware, and many other viruses. There are other software programs available, which are free of cost and can be downloaded easily. The major part of software downloaded from Internet contains antivirus, and nowadays, free media players are being downloaded.